Social Media Digital Signage

Is your mundane office environment affecting your engagement at work? Does your reception area lack any social activity? Does your retail space need brand engagement? EventBeat has the answer! Through digital signage, EventBeat can introduce and increase the levels of social interaction within the workplace. Social Media Digital Signage Permanent fixtures can be planted at specific locations according to your requirements … Continue reading

EventBeat in 2015!

EventBeat’s social engagement platform places you firmly in the driving seat, as you have complete control of the content broadcasted to your digital devices. Engaging Capture the imagination of your audience by publishing thought provoking images and comments onto the digital signage, in order to increase communication levels between attendants at your event. Researching the type of market you’re advertising … Continue reading

The rise and rise of the #hashtag!

As the value of the hashtag has risen considerably in recent years, it now plays an important role in our everyday lives. The number sign, also referred to as the pound sign, was not originally created to group together topics and interesting subject matters, as it has been used for in the modern era. Success Since it’s first use on … Continue reading

Instagram captures the Christmas spirit

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but my Instagram is so delightful! Christmas has arrived on our doorstep, sneaking up on us like Santa’s sleigh. Social Before the boom of social media in the last decade, Christmas was initially announced by the introduction of yuletide tunes on the radio stations. Fast forward to 2014 and all of the popular platforms, … Continue reading

Digital Signage ROI

Social media walls are becoming increasingly influential in the Digital age; however the question still remains… what content is best suited to be broadcasted onto the screens; what are the benefits; and how can you, the event organiser, see a tangible ROI (Return of Investment)? Social Signage allows you to interact and directly respond to delegate comments before, during and after your … Continue reading

Web Scoop

Cherry-pick the best comments & publish them directly on to your website. The integration of a Web Scoop can transform the visitor interaction with your website, maximise the effects of your marketing activity and provide real-time social testimonials about your live event or campaign… while also having a massive impact on your SEO. The user-friendly Web Scoop is an extremely … Continue reading

What does the future hold for social media?

There have always been people who believed “social media would die”. At the beginning of 2008, MySpace was already displaying signs of potential implosion and the ‘doomsday brigade’ came out in their masses to offer their criticism, however in 2014 social media is still going strong. There has been plenty of speculation opposing the credibility of social media and that … Continue reading

Twitter Walls for Awards Nights

Awards evenings are a great way for guests to gain recognition from within their specific industry of expertise, whilst also socialising and networking with others in attendance. Social Media plays a huge part in creating a friendly atmosphere through Twitter Walls, actively encouraging the delegates to engage with one another throughout the proceedings. Prior to Awards Night In the run … Continue reading

EventBeat – A great advert for others to follow

Advertising has rapidly developed into an aspect of our lives that influences decisions we make on a daily basis. From bus stops and billboards, to television and radio, advertisements are everywhere! Power Advertising rules our lives; it pays for the TV shows we watch, the websites we surf through, the sport teams we follow. It’s a huge part of everyday … Continue reading

Twitter Wall software

Social Signage allows you to interact and directly respond to delegate comments before, during and after your event. This helps to build relations and further client engagement for the future. Use the EventBeat Twitter Wall software to find the discussions that are of value to your event, venue or business. Identifying both advocates and critics enables you to both showcase … Continue reading