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EventBeat enables a live feed of social content to post directly onto event screens to encourage audience interaction


This powerful capability allows you to listen out for any mentions of the keywords, #hashtags and @mentions that you are wanting to monitor for your event. Find the comments that are being posted at your event or even monitor on a national scale.


Create customisable folders to filter all the 'Social Noise' into your chosen categories. These folders may be specific to monitoring event buzz and conversations or more specific #hashtag responses to questions or seminar interactions.


This is where it gets really exciting! Once social comments have been stored to folders, instantly broadcast them to live screens at your event. Broadcast a single feed onto multiple screens or multiple feeds onto one screen... the choice is up to you.


By storing these comments in folders you can keep them for future actioning. This enables you to find out more about event interactions and even respond directly to those people through the same social platform to build engagement and relations.


Discover the effects of your social broadcasting activity! By reporting on tool usage and measuring that alongside the increased interaction through Twitter and Facebook you can justify your event ROI and identify brand advocates of your event.

Why do you need a Twitter Wall for an event?

EventBeat is a tool that helps pre-event, at event and post event engagement, by introducing a new social dynamic that has massive effects on your audience engagement and marketing activity. Through keyword monitoring and feed curation, EventBeat can control either a single screen or multiple screens all at the same time. Twitter Walls for events are excellent for creating visitor involvement, and due to the eye catching nature of the screens, they're also perfect for making event announcements and selling advertising space.

EventBeat Twitter Walls can revolutionise the social experience at events across multiple areas. Whether it be a corporate event, live performance, educational event, experiential event or an awards ceremony, social broadcasting puts your attendees at the forefront. Why miss out on showcasing positive comments and pictures live? Ignite questions from your audience, solve problems and create an atmosphere to remember. Make this happen at your event or venue by getting in touch with us on 0161 217 1505.

The EventBeat Twitter Wall software application gives you the power to control social content. You decide when to display tweets on screen, giving you full authority over screen content.

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